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AA: Voyage repair which covers all over Chinese port
1. Steel plate & pipe renewal.
2. Anchor/anchor chain renewal.
3. Underwater inspection, cleaning and repairs.
4. M/E main bearing, cross head bearing and crankpin bearing overhauling.
5. All kinds of pump and valve overhauling.
6. Motor rewinding, rotor dynamic balancing etc.
7. Load test and brake test etc.
8. Stern tube seal renewal during afloating condition.
BB: Automation/electrical job like
1. Main switch calibration and switch board alarm/control sys.
2. Engine control room monitoring/alarm/control console sys.
3. A/E remote control/safety sys.
4. Aux. boiler/incinerator/salinity indicaotr alarm/automatic control sys.
5. Pneumatic temperature/pressure/viscosity detector indicaiton/control sys.
6. M/E remote control/safe guard/telegraph system service, hold genuine repair-kit for pneumatic sys.
7. Tank level/draft gauging sys.
8. Fire alarm detection and cargo tank smoke monitoring sys.
9. Cargo hold water ingress alarm and dewatering sys.
10. Ballast/bilge hydraulic control/indication sys.


CC: Air condition and refrigeration plant repair and modification.